Entertaining Kids of All Ages

Is Your School Aged Child’s Birthday On Halloween? Some Party Ideas You Can Use

If your child’s birthday is on Halloween, you can give them a Halloween themed party to go along with the holiday. Make it a costume party by asking all the guests to wear their Halloween costumes. Follow the tips below, and your child will have a great party that all the kids can enjoy. Bowls […]

How To Be A Great DJ

If being a DJ is a dream you’ve always had, then you need to make sure you possess certain skills. Simply enjoying music and crowds won’t make you a great disc jockey. Here are tips you need to be an excellent and successful DJ. Know your basics You should know how to ‘scratch’, or manipulate […]

Turn That Extra Room Into A Billiard Room

If you just had a child  leave home, consider putting the extra space to good use and turn it into a billiard room. This can save you money as you and your spouse can stay home and have some fun, and not have to leave to go somewhere else for your enjoyment. Below is some […]

Go Kart Racing: Important Safety Dos And Don’ts

Racing go-karts can be an exhilarating experience; zipping past other drivers at high speeds while hugging the curves of the track and racing to snag the first-place position is a great time for friends, family, and loved ones. Before you embark on a go-karting adventure, however, there are a few basic safety tips that every […]

2 Tips Make Your Daughter’s Sweet 16th Birthday Party a Special Day for Them

If your daughter is turning 16, you should plan to celebrate it by throwing a party for her. Below are two tips on making the party a special day she will never forget. Music Most teenagers love music and this is something you should have at your party. If you are having the party outside, […]