entertaining kids of all ages

entertaining kids of all ages

2 Tips Make Your Daughter's Sweet 16th Birthday Party a Special Day for Them

Monica Alonso

If your daughter is turning 16, you should plan to celebrate it by throwing a party for her. Below are two tips on making the party a special day she will never forget.


Most teenagers love music and this is something you should have at your party. If you are having the party outside, build your own dance floor for the kids. Make it easier on yourself by hiring a DJ to play the music for you. Do not worry if you have a small area, as their equipment now is much smaller than it has been in past. Many DJs will bring a couple DJ turntables with needles, a DJ mixer, slip mats to go between the turntable platter and record, headphones, vinyl records, along with the cables they need to hook everything up and the speakers. Get together with the DJ before the part to pick out the music you want them to play.

Party Themes

You can choose many party themes for every budget for your child's birthday party including:


For something inexpensive, consider a bonfire. Send out "s'mores" invitations to the kids. Gather some small boxes together, and put one chocolate bar, one marshmallow, and two graham crackers in each box, along with the invitation on the outside. Your daughter can then hand them out to her friends. Put some pine cones in the fire to give the area a nice fragrance. Make sure you have enough hot dogs and some skewers.

Murder Mystery

You could also have a murder mystery party, which will likely be a hit with teenagers. You can purchase murder mystery kits, which includes a murder story that occurs before the party begins. Each person at the party will be given a costume, along with some background information about the story, as well as a package of clues to help them solve the mystery. One person in the group is the murderer and their goal is to find out who it is.

Prom Night

Purchase some old prom dresses at thrift stores, or raid the closets of your friends and family for old prom dresses. You can also find prom dresses at many thrift stores. Make sure you have enough to give them some different choices.

When the girls arrive, let them start trying on dresses. Once they have chosen what they like, let the girls do each other's hair and makeup. Take them out on the town to show off their dresses, such as to a nice restaurant or a movie.

No matter what kind of party you have for your daughter, she will be happy that you took the time to celebrate her birthday. Contact a DJ like Crystal Sound to get started.


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