entertaining kids of all ages

entertaining kids of all ages

Turn That Extra Room Into A Billiard Room

Monica Alonso

If you just had a child  leave home, consider putting the extra space to good use and turn it into a billiard room. This can save you money as you and your spouse can stay home and have some fun, and not have to leave to go somewhere else for your enjoyment. Below is some information about pool tables, as well as setting up the room.

The Pool Table

When purchasing a new pool table there are four things you need to look for: cloth, pockets, cabinet, and cushions.


There are many types of cloth used for a pool table. The standard you will see most is wool blend materials that feel fuzzy on your palm when you rub it. You may also see a worsted material, which is made from spun yarn. This type of material is more durable and easier to clean.


You will find two types of pockets when looking at pool tables. The drop pocket is what you will find on most recreational pool tables. The pockets are enclosed by rails, and the pockets are usually bolted or nailed to the rails to secure them in place. The second type of pocket is a style pocket, which is usually made from leather with an iron casting.


You will find pool tables made from different materials, such as poplar, maple, mahogany, and oak. Less expensive pool tables are made from particleboard, plywood, or medium-density fiberboard (MDF).


Pool table cushions are also called bumpers. The purpose of a cushion is to give the ball a place to rebound off of. In most cases, cushions are made from vulcanized rubber. When purchasing a pool table, roll a ball firmly against the cushion to make sure it rebounds back to you quickly.  

The Room

Place a light above the pool table that hangs from the ceiling. Make sure the light is positioned at the right height so players do not hit their head against it. There should be covers over the lights so they are not too bright. Hanging three separate lights over the table works well. Place one on each end and one over the middle of the table. This gives the table an even light without the players, balls, or pool sticks casting shadows.

You will also need to have a place to store the pool cues, balls, rack, and chalk. You can purchase holders that are inserted into the wall or on the wall surface.

You should also make sure you place the pool table in the room where there will be enough space around the perimeter of the table for the players to move around in. For more information on billiard tables in Calgary, contact a local dealer. 


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