entertaining kids of all ages

entertaining kids of all ages

How To Be A Great DJ

Monica Alonso

If being a DJ is a dream you've always had, then you need to make sure you possess certain skills. Simply enjoying music and crowds won't make you a great disc jockey. Here are tips you need to be an excellent and successful DJ.

Know your basics

You should know how to 'scratch', or manipulate your turntables so a unique sound is created out of music. The most basic scratch is called the 'baby scratch', followed by the 'scribble scratch' and a 'transformer scratch'. If you don't know what these are or how to execute them properly, then training is likely what you need. There are DJ training courses that you can take over a period of a few weeks to a year to learn the tools you need to be an effective DJ for live performances.

Create stage presence

Being a DJ is not about putting the headphones on and scratching until your fingers bleed, it's about engaging an audience. This is why so many DJs wear eccentric hair and clothing and have a unique stage name. Your outgoing personality needs to be amped up to get a crowd confident in your skills. You need to be willing to lead a crowd, stand up to criticism without causing contention, and generally be able to get a crowd pumped up for dancing and socialization. Come up with a unique stage name and style and maybe even a few dance moves to really get your crowds motivated.

Keep learning

Even the best DJs in the world know that there is always new equipment to learn about, new scratches that can be tried, and new styles of music they need to get used to. You never stop learning as a DJ. Visit conventions, seminars, or DJ parties to meet experienced disc jockeys who can teach you some new techniques. As you learn new moves and styles, you can incorporate them into your stage routine so your live shows really stand out to your clients.

Being a DJ is a great career if you are willing to stick with it. You need basic training in order to get started, and continuing education will help you gain more success. As you come up with your stage presence and name, keep in mind that our outgoing personality and tenacity will help you get where you want to be. A successful DJ is one that is always willing to try something new and see if it matches their style.  

For more information, contact a DJ service in your area.


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