entertaining kids of all ages

entertaining kids of all ages

Improve How Well You Play An Acoustic Drum Set

Monica Alonso

If you own an acoustic drum set and have been practicing at home on your own over the last few months, but you want to improve your technique even more, the following advice will help you strengthen your playing abilities and gain confidence.

Seek Private Lessons

Hire an instructor to provide you with private drum lessons in your home or at the instructor's office. During lessons, performance anxiety will be minimized since you will not need to worry about anyone other than the instructor hearing you play. An instructor will teach you the proper way to hold a set of drum sticks and how to read music. They will also teach you how to synchronize each beat with other instruments that are being played at the same time. 

An instructor will provide a demonstration before asking you to mimic them. If you are given instructions on what to work on in between lessons, practice daily so that you can demonstrate any improvements that have been made during subsequent lessons with your instructor. If improvements are needed in some areas, your instructor will provide you with constructive criticism that will help you make the changes necessary to excel as a drum player. 

Follow Along With Instructional Videos

Purchase instructional videos that are designed to teach beginners how to play an acoustic drum set. Watch each video in its entirety before playing your drum set as you follow along with the demonstrations that you are watching. If you encounter a difficult time with mastering some of the skills that are introduced, rewind the videos so that you can continue practicing the same things several times until you have grasped each concept. 

Record Yourself To Gather Insight On Strengths And Weaknesses

After you have practiced playing the drums for several weeks, make an audio or video recording of yourself playing. While recording, attempt to focus solely on the music that is being played and imagine that you are playing in front of a live audience to help yourself remained composed. 

After recording yourself, listen to or watch the recording. Pay close attention to the recording as you determine if you are playing the drums at a consistent speed or if some of your movements have resulted in notes sounding choppy and off key. Use the recording to assist with modifying the way that you play so that future recordings show signs of improvement.


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